John Knight on SI Voice

Welcome to SI Voice! Over my past year and a half as president of SI, I have had the pleasure of meeting so many members of our community. Regardless of whether it was a small dinner party, a large parent program or an alumni/nae event, everyone has spoken to me of his or her deep love for our school. I have heard countless stories about how a certain faculty or staff member made all the difference in a student’s life at SI. I have heard numerous stories about the deep sense of community that is such a large part of our school. Clearly God has blessed our school!

SI Voice will, I hope, shine a light on the number of ways in which our community is blessed. From time to time, you will hear about one of our outstanding students, faculty members or staff members. I will also use SI Voice to keep you up-to-date on several key initiatives coming from my office and our development office. Later today, I will attend a combined meeting of our Board of Regents and our Board of Trustees. Our regents and trustees meet together once a year. For the second year in a row, we have invited past regents to a program where they will hear about what is going on at the school and have the opportunity to have dinner with our current regents and trustees. Over 40 former regents will be in attendance tonight.

The work of our regents and trustees is essential to our continued success. One of the many blessings that God has bestowed upon us is the outstanding group of women and men who so selflessly serve our school. Regents meet as a board five times a year and participate in monthly meetings for one of the seven board committees. Trustees meet five times a year and work closely with me on matters pertaining to budget, my annual work plan and the strategic direction of the school. Without the generosity of our regents and trustees our school would not be where it is today.

Thank you for looking at my first official post in SI Voice! I am looking forward to being in regular contact with you about any number of things related to SI. Please know that my prayers and the prayers of our community are with you and your loved ones. AMDG! — John Knight


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