The SI Community


The past few weeks have been filled with moments of great joy, celebration, sorrow, reflection and hope for the future. All of these emotions are part of everyday life for each one of us, albeit to different degrees and in different situations. Just as each one of us experiences these various emotions in our daily life, so too does our school community also experience these various emotions.

Last night we celebrated the gift of community that is SI at the Fathers’ Club 24th annual auction. This year’s theme was the “SI Academy Awards.” We rolled out the red carpet for the 750 “stars” that came to 2001 37th Avenue for a night of fellowship and high-spirited bidding, all to raise funds for our tuition assistance program. Thanks to the great work of our Fathers’ Club, our kitchen staff, our maintenance staff and the countless number of individuals who hosted parties, donated gifts and gave of their time, the evening was a smashing success.

A few weeks prior to the auction, our community laid to rest a wonderful young alumnus who left us far too soon. Once again, our community came together to offer consolation and support to one another. In the midst of the sadness over losing such a wonderful young man, we experienced once again the healing power of a strong community. SI is many things to many people, but ultimately we are a community of believers who come together each day seeking to find God in all things, even in the moments of great sorrow. SI is never better than when we embrace one another and offer hope and comfort to those in need.

As all of the above was unfolding, daily life at SI moved along. Classes took place, co-curriculars continued on and winter sports moved to its conclusion while we welcomed a slew of spring athletes back to their respective sport. The spring musical is quickly heading toward opening night and our admissions committee was wrapping up its important work while nearly 1,300 prospective Wildcats anxiously wait for a decision on their application to arrive in mid March. So many busy days filled with so many emotions.

On any given day, one can feel the many different emotions that are part of our school community. Somewhere underneath all of the joy, frustration, excitement and apprehension there is a deep sense of calm and trust – trust in the presence of our God who loves us and who has called us to be a part of this great school community. We feel a calmness that speaks of a deep-seated faith. This teaches us that as long as we place our trust in God and in one another, all will be well. I hope you have the opportunity to take a step back and to experience the beauty and wonder of all that makes up our wonderful community.

Prayers and good wishes today and in the days and week to come for you and your loved ones!


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